Kochizz is a project initiated by OpenDev and implemented by two ISIMA students, Romain Blei and Adrien Reboisson.

The denomination “Kochizz” is a reference to the name of the famous Apache leader, Cochise, and to the nickname of the French Grande Ecole ISIMA students, the “ZZ”.

As it’s a free project and there is little chance we have as time as at the beginning to add new features, we hope that some volonteers will take the time to enhance it. If you are interested, please take contact with one of the project administrators on Sourceforge Kochizz area.

The project help contains some ideas of evolution. You can either try to follow them or propose other features you may find usefull. The core of the software has been done and is quite stable : now, it’s to YOU, developpers, to improve Kochizz ;-)